DJI Phantom 3 Professional (Gold) vs Advanced (Silver) (Updated Feb. 2016)

Phantom 3 Adv

Updated April. 2016

After their release in April 2015, the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional stormed sales charts across the globe. Almost a year later, the Phantom 3 Advanced and Pro rank as the finest low-cost consumer drones on the market. But what’s the difference between the two?

Phantom 4 vs Phantom 3



The Phantom 3 quadcopter design is pretty much the standard for the industry. Between the two, however, one sees the first visible difference in color. Both have white bodies, but different color stickers and badges. The Advanced has silver stickers and badges, while the Pro has gold stickers and badges. DJI confused matters by making the Phantom 3 4K—a model slotted below the Advanced—have gold stickers, too. Otherwise, both versions share the same white plastic body.



This is the biggest difference. The Advanced has a 2.7K camera. That means the Advanced shoots up to 1520p, meaning “2.7K,” video resolution. 2.7K means picture with an estimated 2,704 horizontal pixels and 1,520 vertical pixels on screen. This is a step above “Full High-Definition,” or 1080p, video. The Phantom 3 Professional has a 4K camera: It shoots video with up to 4,096 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels. 4K is also known as “Ultra High-Definition.” Both cameras are non-detachable and include a three-axis gimbal.




The only difference here is in charging time. The Phantom 3 Advanced battery is a 57-watt battery charger, while the Professional comes with a 100-watt. Expect the Advanced to recharge after about an hour and a half. Expect the Pro to recharge after just an hour. Otherwise, both versions fly up to 35 MPH. The Pro and Advanced signal reaches up to around one mile, but a Phantom 3 Long Range system can easily push that past 3 miles. 



Here’s another noticeable difference. The Phantom 3 Advanced price is $799, while the Phantom 3 Professional stands at $999. That’s a $200 difference and doesn't factor accessories. It’s not a lot, but it is a difference nonetheless. Drone World’s Phantom 3 Executive Kit bundled with the Advanced sells for $2,349, or with the Pro for $2,548. 

 4K vs 1080p


There you have it. Besides a few minor differences, the Phantom 3 Advanced and Pro share a lot in common. Both variations of Phantom 3 camera feature live HD video streaming, superior satellite navigation, and terrific range and performance.

But which is right for you? Though 4K televisions have become very popular, it's hard for anyone to see the difference between 4K resolution and 1080p (Unless you have a 60 in. screen or larger...) 4K is really for a professional videographer whose work airs on larger screens and higher resolutions, while 2.7K is more than enough the majority of fliers and prosumer pilots.  

You can see more about the DJI Phantom 3 kits and Phantom 3 accessories by checking out our storeAlso be sure to check out the DJI Phantom 4 at Drone World and our Phantom 3 Info Guide for such resources as Phantom 3 firmware updates, a Phantom 3 FAQ, and Phantom 3 comparions.


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Drone World Phantom 3


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