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How to Update DJI Inspire 2 Firmware


Over time, DJI will offer firmware upgrades which optimize system performance and add new functions to your Inspire 2. There are two ways to upgrade the firmware: Upgrade with the DJI Go 4 mobile application and upgrade with DJI Assistant 2.

Be sure to remove the propellers before upgrading.

Ensure your mobile device is connected to the internet when the firmware is downloading.

**If you have multiple batteries or another gimbal camera, connect each battery and camera and perform the upgrade again.**


DJI GO 4 Mobile App

Ensure the aircraft battery is over 50% before upgrading

1. When the aircraft firmware requires an upgrade, a notification will be displayed on the app

2. Power on the aircraft

3. Connect your mobile device to the aircraft with a USB cable and toggle the USB mode switch to mobile device mode launch

4. Launch DJI GO 4 and tap ‘Update Now’

5. When download is complete, the firmware will automatically begin to update

6. The aircraft will beep and the app will display the progress of the upgrade

7. Once upgraded, the aircraft will restart automatically


DJI Assistant 2 Upgrade

1. Power on the aircraft

2. Toggle the USB mode switch to ‘PC mode'’

3. Connect the aircraft to your PC or Mac with the dual USB cable

4. Launch DJI Assistant 2

5. Log in to your account

6. Click the Inspire 2 to connect to the Home screen

7. Click Firmware update and a list will be displayed, select newest update, and click to upgrade

8. When downloading is complete, the firmware will automatically start to upgrade

9. Once upgraded, the aircraft will restart automatically