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DJI Spark Top 10 Accessories

Flying the DJI Spark is some of the most fun you can have piloting a drone today. From its brand new QuickShot flight modes, to the Gesture Controls, down to its compact size and ready-to-fly nature, the Spark is a dream drone in more ways than one. Read on to discover the best of the best in the accessory world for the Spark. There are plenty of Spark accessories out there to try, which is why we've made it easy on you by putting the cream of the crop all in one place. 



10. 2-in-1 Propeller Guard & Landing Gear

DJI Spark 2-in-1 Propeller Guard and Landing Gear

If piloting your DJI Spark safely is your goal, then the DJI Spark 2-in-1 Propeller guards and landing gear is the perfect thing for you. Simultaneously protect your propellers from incidental damage while also protecting your Spark aircraft from any loose gravel, rocks, or other debris on the ground. Easy-to-install and easily removable, the foldable design makes them perfectly portable for rapid transport. 


9. MavMount Tablet Adapter

MavMount Tablet Adapter

The MavMount Tablet Adapter allows DJI Spark pilots to fly with a full sized tablet, providing premium picture quality. Quite simply, this device will enhance your flying in every way. Best of all, the MavMount is weighted for comfortable flight and won't fall over on a table like other, cheaper, plastic models. Tack on its easy fold-up ability, and the MavMount is the perfect companion for any DJI Spark flight. 


8. Sunshade

DJI Spark Sunshade

The expeditioner's shade, affectionately named the sunshade, is the perfect companion for any Spark pilot looking to combat glare on a sunny day. Using a compact design, this dust and waterproof sunshade makes flying easier. Attach your sunshade to any mobile device and use the adjustable straps for the perfect fit. The result is a clear, uninterrupted view of the screen that is second to none. 


7. Spark Backpack 

DJI Spark backpack


The best way to transport the uber-compact DJI Spark is with our very own Drone World backpack! Designed to hold the drone, remote, and all the accessories you need, this backpack utilizes a slim design and a Rapid Deploy Compartment for super fast takeoff.


6. DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Battery

DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Battery

The DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Battery enables 16 minutes of flight on a single charge with 1480 mAh capacity and a voltage of 11.4V. This battery is so smart that it estimates remaining flight time, ensuring you'll know when to land in real time. In addition, DJI designed this battery with 12 intelligent protection functions to guarantee a safe flight. Althouth the Spark is the perfect companion for travel, its short flight time means that having an extra battery handy is a must, which is why the Spark Intelligent Flight Battery ranks so highly on our list. 


5. Remote Controller

DJI Spark Remote Controller

Typically purchased as part of the Spark FlyMore Combo, the Spark remote controller highly resembles the Mavic Pro remote (the Spark version has no attached screen) and provides Spark owners with a substantial boost in range. Utilizing a brand new Wifi transmission system, you can expect to reach 1.2 miles in range with the remote controller. It can also connect to a mobile device wirelessly and display a live video feed via DJI GO4 (mobile devices are securely fashioned to the remote with folding clamps).



4. Spark Lens Filter 3 Pack

DJI Spark Lens Filters

The DJI Spark Lens Filter 3-pack helps you to capture sharper images and higher quality video in numerous settings. Equipped with high-end, double sided, multicoated glass, these lens filters snap on easily and are specifically made for use with the Spark. Plus, lightweight design ensures smooth gimbal operation! 



3. Carbon Fiber Propellers

DJI Spark Carbon Fiber Propellers

The DJI Spark Carbon Fiber Propellers introduce the MachFlex Technology to the Spark aircraft, a technology first utilized in the Mavic Pro CF Props. Added stiffness creates a faster top speed (2-5 mph boost), while the MachFlex tech uses optimized flexibility to eliminate camera shake commonly seen in other carbon fiber props. Plus, these CF props come with improved hub strength and ductility!



2. Spark THOR Supercharger

DJI Spark THOR supercharging station

The DJI Spark Thor Supercharging station is the only 5-in-1 charger on the market, capable of charging 3 batteries at once, ensuring maximum flight time with your Spark. This charger is 4x faster than the stock charging hub, making it an invaluable part of any Spark lover's arsenal of accessories. A built-in cooling fan guarantees no overheating, and 15 amps work to keep your mobile device, controller, and batteries charged and ready to go. 



1. DJI Goggles

DJI Goggles

The DJI Goggles hold the top spot in accessories for the DJI Spark, and for good reason. These comfortable FPV goggles feature low-lag wireless connectivity, 6 hours of operation time, and an integrated touchpad for easy menu scrolling. Two screens offer 3480x1080 resolution and the OccuSync Technology provides long range 720p video. 


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