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DJI Inspire 2 Zenmuse X7 vs X5S vs X4S

DJI Zenmuse X7 vs X5S vs X4S

In November 2016 DJI unveiled the latest high end drone added to their collection, the DJI Inspire 2, complete with two separate aerial camera options: the X5S and X4S, a substantial $1300 difference in price between them. More recently they showcased the newest camera to their collection, the stunning X7. So how do these cameras compare? Why would you choose one over the other? Ultimately how much better is the X7 compared to its predecessors? Join us as we answer these questions and many more in our comparison:



Shooting Modes
DJI Zenmuse Burst Shooting

All three cameras are capable of Capture, Record, and Playback; where they differ is in their still photography modes. The X7 has the most variability, naturally, with the ability to shoot Micro SD and SSD, which ensures a much larger capacity. The X7 and X5S are virtually identical in this category, shooting Single Shot, Burst Shooting (3/5/7/10 shots), Auto Exposure Bracketing (3/5 bracketed shots at 0.7 EV bias). Both can shoot RAW burst (5/7/10/14/∞ frames) as well. But the X7 stands alone in shooting up to 20 fps when using RAW Burst. The X4S lags considerably behind its counterparts, capable of only the single shot, burst shooting, and auto exposure. It ultimately does not have the ability to shoot with the SSD fomat. 


Shutter & Sensor Size

DJI Zenmuse X7

Shutter and sensor size are always fascinating determining factors. The X4S naturally trails the newer models, offering just CMOS 1" and 20 MP for still photos. The X5S demonstrates a marked improvement, with a CMOS 4/3" and 20.8 MP still photographs. Last but certainly not least is the X7, boasting 23.5x15.7mm for photos and 23.5x12.5mm for shooting video, with 24MP stills. Once again, the X7 is the clear favorite here, and it's a considerable upgrade from the earlier Zenmuse models. 


Zenmuse X4S Zenmuse X5S Zenmuse X7
F Stop F/2.8-11 12.8 stops 14 stops/F2.8
Field of View 84° 72° N/A
Still Photo Megapixels 20 MP 20.8 MP 24 MP
Video Resolution 4K at 60 fps

4K at 60 fps

5.2K at 30 fps

6K CinemaDNG




DJI Inspire 2


Like many things in life, how you use your Zenmuse camera aboard your DJI Inspire 2 is entirely up to you. That being said, the Zenmuse X5S and X4S are cameras that serve high end amateur filmmakers, while the X7 is reserved for professional quality films and photoshoots. The price differences indicate this division among the cameras, with the X7 costing $800 more than the other two. X5S owners can proudly create some truly stunning imagery with their Zenmuse model, while those searching for the best of the best should turn to the X7. Professional film studios and filmmakers will appreciate the diversity among the various lenses that can be equipped with the Zenmuse X7 camera. In the end, the Inspire 2 has become the standard aerial platform used on film sets around the globe. The incredible detail and ability to reframe are what truly set the X7 apart. The X7 is expected to replace large, difficult-to-use aerial solutions oh high end film productions. 




DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7

An important differentiating factor as always is the price. Being the newest camera, the X7 naturally registers the highest price, at a cool $2,699. Meanwhile the X5S is $1,899 and the X4S clocks in at just $599. But in addition to the massive cost differences among the cameras themselves, there are also the four interchangeable lenses for the X7 that must be considered. The DL 24mm, DL-S 16mm and DL 35mm are all $1,299 apiece, while the DL 50mm is $100 fewer, at $1,199. 

X7: 2,699

1,299 (DL 24mm, DL-S 16mm, DL 50mm) 1,199 (DL 50mm)


X4S: $599