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DJI Spark QuickShot Modes

In addition to the traditional Intelligent Flight Modes DJI is known for: Active Track, TapFly, and Terrain Follow, the DJI Spark comes with some brand new ways to fly. Spark owners can capture creative videos using 4 innovative QuickShot modes. Discover each of them below and learn how to integrate them into your filming and photography with the DJI Spark!

To fly your DJI Spark using the QuickShot Modes, first turn on the aircraft and ensure it is connected to your mobile device or remote controller.

1. While in flight, tap the Intelligent Flight Mode icon on the left of the screen.

2. Tap 'QuickShot.'

3. Ensure you are flying in 'P Mode' with a sufficient GPS signal.

4. Fly in an open area free of obstructions. 


Select a subject for your shot by tapping it or drawing a box around it (just like with ActiveTrack).

At the bottom of the screen you'll see 4 icons, each representing one quick shot:


DJI Spark QuickShot Rocket
  • Rocket- Ascend with the camera pointing downward, revealing a unique perspective from above. Rocket is a great way to create a dramatic reveal of the subject, beginning with a small area of focus and widening out to display the subject and its surroundings in its entirety by flying 40 meters directly upward. 
DJI Spark QuickShot Dronie
  • Dronie- Fly backward and upward, with the camera locked on your subject, creating an epic shot that captures the big perspective of the world around the subject. This is the quintessential drone shot replicated countless times over the years since the inception of commercial drones. An oldie and a goodie, the dronie is an exciting way to provide context for the subject of a particular shot. 
DJI Spark QuickShot Circle
  • Circle- Keeps the subject locked in the center of the frame, as the Spark automatically flies a circle around it. Perfect for stationary objects or moving ones, circle provides complete coverage, allowing viewers to see the action from all angles. 
DJI SPark QuickShot Helix
  • Helix- Starts close to the subject before flying up, away, and around in larger and larger circles. This exciting mode unveils the scene in pieces, slowly revolving and spiraling to give a dramatic feel to any video. 




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