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DJI Phantom 4 Review: The Best Drone on the Market

phantom 4

Phantom 4: the best drone in the air

The DJI Phantom 4 is a BIG deal.

It’s the simplest, yet most advanced, prosumer aerial on the market. Since its March debut, the Phantom 4 has outsold and outperformed every drone in its class. To quote Wired Magazine"The Phantom 4 is DJI’s best Phantom offering yet."

Need a second opinion? How about CNET: "The DJI Phantom 4 is a very polished drone compared to its competition, and for those who've flown a quad before, you'll have no trouble getting started with this one."

You see the trend. All that praise comes from the fact that the Phantom 4 is the ideal aerial drone for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals.

Let’s look deeper as to why.

Easy Setup and Design

The Phantom 4 screams ease. A pilot can set up his or her Phantom 4 is just five steps:

  1. Charge
  2. Download
  3. Connect
  4. Calibrate
  5. Fly

Even the remote keeps it simple:

phantom 4 remote diagram

Pilots can learn more about updates on our Firmware Page

Smart Sensors

The Phantom 4 comes with a bevy of tech features: Onboard sensors, integrated camera and gimbal, and obstacle-avoidance, just to name a few. The purpose of these features is to increase precision, ease of function, and capability. These advancements all keep in the spirit of the Phantom tradition: New horizons for each new generation.

phantom 4 sensor

Onboard sensors let the Phantom 4 “see.” The front sensors spot obstacles ahead of the drone; new programming maneuvers the Phantom 4 around those obstacles without any input from the pilot. Bottom sensors help the Phantom see the ground when there’s no GPS signal. A smarter drone means fewer headaches for the pilot.


phantom 4 camera

A camera and gimbal mount underneath. The Phantom 4 sports a 4K UHD video camera that can also shoot 12 MP photos. The pilot sets the resolution, anywhere from 720p HD to 2160p UHD, transmitted wirelessly to a mobile device and recorded on micro-SD card. The Phantom 4 camera is largely a carryover from the Phantom 3, but with a superior eight-element lens, more dynamic imagery, and a new 120fps option when on 1080p FHD.

The camera's attached to an automated three-axis gimbal. Gimbal movement is smooth and precise, with equally refined video quality to boot. Digital Trends went so far as to declare that "the Phantom 4 actually produces better footage" than the more expensive Inspire 1.

Then there are the downsides. Non-retractable landing gear means no expansive 360-degree shots. The Phantom 4's motors may be more powerful than the 3's, but the Phantom 4 is still vulnerable to moderate winds. There's also an occasional tendency for the Phantom 4 to make a hard pivot when turning, creating a sort of jerky shot. These are almost nonexistent on DJI's larger (and more expensive) Inspire 1.

Find out more about Phantom 4 tech at our Obstacle Avoidance and Camera pages.

What's Included (and What's Not)

Even stock, the Phantom 4 includes everything a person needs to fly, such as the aircraft, remote, propeller, and battery. There are a total of 11 items, seen below:

phantom 4 what's included

Visitors can learn more about what's included at our Unboxing Page.

Needless to say, DJI gives a pilot the bare minimum he or she needs to fly. It’s up to businesses like Drone World to offer more, including accessories, upgrades, and bundles, such as the best-selling Phantom 4 Executive Kit. The Executive Kit includes a custom Nanuk 950 wheeled hard-case, two extra batteries, a memory card and reader, Apple iPhone cable, our retro-fitted Phantom 4 Long Range System, and much more. 

Is it right for you?

"We’ve called the Phantom the iPhone of drones," said Ben Popper of The Verge, "both because it was our top recommendation, and because each new version got slightly better without dramatically changing the core feature set. The Phantom 4 shatters that comparison, making an evolutionary leap."

The Phantom 4 is the first major aerial drone for everyone.Its ease of use is great for a novice, while racers will enjoy the new high-powered Sport Mode. Lastly, the five video and photo modes, excellent UHD camera, and responsive gimbal provide all the essentials to serious photographers and videographers.

To make a great package all the greater, visit our Phantom 4 Page to find the best bundles, accessories, and upgrades, including our Phantom 4 Range Extender System!


phantom 4 bundle 


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