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2018 Christmas Sale

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Falcon Edition Upgrade Kit

FireBridge Remote: The World's Most Advanced Remote is powered by FireBridge™ Technology, which guarantees reception and better penetration through trees, even in the most adverse conditions. Made and assembled in America, this phenomenal remote provides guaranteed 720P Video Quality – effectively helping drone pilots fly safer with better signal coverage.

P4 L-Series Lens Filters (12 coatings) - Taking photos and shooting video are both easier with the L-Series Premium Lens Filters. Included in the set is an industry first: an adjustable ND Filter & Polarized Lens Filter (also known as a variable neutral density filter), boasting 12 protective coatings and a waterproof coating. The other two lenses in this series are: UV filter for elimating harsh rays from the sun, and a circular polarized lens for helps to reduce reflections through water and glass.

Thor Supercharging Station: Charging has never been easier than with our Thor Supercharging Station. Charge 3 batteries and a remote all at once, 4x faster than any charger on the market today. You'll be up and flying in no time!

Commercial Grade Remote Control Sunshade: This invaluable sunshade mounts securely to Phantom 4 remote controllers, and boasts the fastest setup and fly time on the market! Overcome glare from sunny days with ease, and fly with confidence. 

Carbon Fiber Props: Accelerate faster and reach a higher top speed (5-10mph faster; Record Breaking Top Speed of 68mph) with our carbon fiber propellers! We've achieved faster speeds thanks to mounting hubs that are 50% lighter.

Red Carbon Fiber Wrap: The Falcon Upgrade Kit includes our signature custom-made carbon fiber wrap, in an eye-catching red coloration. This wrap securely fits the Phantom 4 drone,  as well as the FireBridge remote. 

950 Wheeled Hard CaseTransport your Phantom 4 with the Nanuk 950 Carry Case, the highest quality case and foam insert combo in the drone industry. The easy-to-clean white topper is coupled with our Falcon Edition synergy foam (Perfa-Fit hydro scuplted) to keep your drone and equipment safe and sound.

Memory Card: Store all of your footage on the ultimate 64 gb MicroSD card, perfect for rapid capture, playback, and transfer of media files. This powerful memory card saves 1080p fullHD (180 minutes) and 4K Video (80 minutes).

Drone World Power Bank Portable Battery Charger: Keep all of your mobile devices ready for action with this long-lasting high capacity power bank, with dual-ports and a built-in LED flashlight. Our drone world charger utilizes 10,400mAh battery capacity and provides an impressive 500+ recharge cycles. 

Prop Guards: Protect your propellers from harm with our handy prop guards, specially made for the Phantom 4. These also protect hands, eyes, and other body parts from spinning rotors!

Drone World Remote Control Lanyard: Our lanyard helps keep your DJI Drone controller secure with durable straps that are adjustable to your preference.