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DJI Goggles Racing Edition OcuSync Air Unit

The DJI OcuSync Air Unit is a high-resolution, low-latency digital video transmission device, which can be used with the OcuSync Camera and DJI Goggles RE to transmit video, images, and flight controller data wirelessly. The Air Unit can be attached to racing drones, model airplanes, RC cars, or unmanned enterprise vehicles used in rescue operations and inspections.

DJI OcuSync Air Unit

  • Supports 2.4/5.8 GHz dual-frequency transmission
  • Suports FHSS and up to 19 fixed channels
  • High-resolution video transmission up to 1280x960 at 50fps
  • Minimum latency: as low as 50ms (at 480p at 50fps)
  • Max Transmission Range: Up to 7km

What Sets it Apart

The DJI OcuSync Air Unit is a special device, in large part due to its versatility. Perhaps most frequently it will be used as a control receiver, a method for ensuring crisp video transmission from the aircraft to FPV Goggles. Compared to the direct competitior, Connex, Ocusync offers both analog and digital, plus the range is significantly larger, with OccuSync reaching up to 5.6 miles compared to the 3000 feet of Connex. 

The DJI OcuSync Air unit is different because it is a digital system, not analog like most personal racer/fpv quads.  This results in crystal clear feedback without the grainy lines usually seen on racing quads.  However, the downside is more latency/lag, which means more time waiting to see what the aircraft is doing.  This difference is only fractions of a second in most cases but is noticeable, especially when racing (when reaction time is key).  With that, this system is intended for more custom aerial photography systems or free-styling/acrobatic drones rather than racing.  

DJI OcuSync Air vs CONNEX

The Air unit and CONNEX are both digital systems and attach to your quad in very similar ways.  One main difference is that the DJI Air Unit can control both video and controls whereas the CONNEX only transmits video. Connex is therefore less versatile, and also has the nuisance of dealing with wires, whereas the DJI OccuSyny Air Unit connects wirelessly. 

The CONNEX is also inferior to the DJI air system in terms of quality.  The CONNEX system only goes as far as the average analog system (2000 feet or so) before it degrades the resolution so much you can no longer see.  Meanwhile, DJI air unit is just like the Mavic Pro because with the right setup it can transmit clearly for miles.  

The downside to the Air Unit is how the video is received.  The only way to view the video transmission is via DJI Racing Edition goggles whereas the CONNEX has an HDMI port, making it usable with any goggles with HDMI IN.  In the end, the DJI air unit is the better deal if you have yet to purchase FPV Goggles, because it grants you greater versatility.