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2018 Christmas Sale

DJI Inspire 2 Hard Case

DJI Inspire 2 Hard Case

Made here in America by SKB, the DJI Inspire 2 Hard Case is undoubtedly one of the best cases on the market today that expertly protects and transports your drone with the utomost durability. Experience complete protection with this extremely durable case that is fully waterproof. This superb wheeled hard case has been featured in Rotor Drone magazine and flown by Max Seigal of National Geographic (see video).

A full collection of remotes, monitors, and the expensive X7 camera were transported by our team recently in the Colorado mountains with this case and it handled perfectly. One of the useful elements is the ability to transport your drone in "landing mode" with the legs fully extended and ready to fly -- truly a huge advantage when you need to pull out the drone and get in the air multiple times per week. 

DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries Galore

Drone lovers will love that this case carries 16 intelligent flight batteries! The ample space inside means you can comfortably fit more aftermarket accessories than any other case on the market. Say goodbye to the harrowing process of scrambling to find extension cords to charge batteries during a film shoot. Ultimately, this case eliminates the stressful method of squeezing every last bit of life out of every battery because you can carry all the batteries you need for a full day of shooting! We’ve all been there, waiting on batteries to charge and wasting valuable shooting time -- those days of anxiety are now gone thanks to this case. 

Generous Space for Plenty of Accessories

Additionally, the new synergy foam does a better job of cushioning your parts, as opposed to pushing back against them like the denser foams seen in the GPC brand. The tear-resistant topper contrasts well with the color of the Inspire 2 drone and accessories. And brand new for 2018 are two slots for the Crystal Sky monitors! Fit the 5-inch or 7-inch version, or a tablet, the choice is yours. We've ensured that space was a top priority in this hard case, as evidenced by the cutout for the DJI Focus Wheel. Plus, this is a hard case designe by a professional drone pilot, with the heaviest parts moved toward the wheel base for maximum mobility and safety.