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DJI Goggles RE


Although the controls and functions of the DJI Goggles RE are very intuitive, it always helps to revisit the details of flying and safety with FPV piloting. We've compiled all of the manuals in PDF form to help you deepen your understanding of all the ways these innovative goggles can be used. Flying with the DJI Goggles RE is purely blissful experience that takes FPV racing to a whole new level, and we hope these manuals help you fly the right way and ensure your safety, those around you, and the safety of the drone. Feel free to bookmark this page and use it as a handy reference guide for your DJI Goggles RE. 

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    • DJI Goggles RE User Manual v1.0


    • DJI Goggles Quick Start Guide v1.0


    • DJI Goggles Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines v1.0


    • DJI Goggles In the Box

Find All Downloads Here

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