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Best Entry Level Drone: Phantom 3 Advanced

Phantom 3 Advanced vs Phantom 3 Professional

DJI's best-selling Phantom 3 is available in many variants. It's easy for anyone--amateur and pro videographer alike--to be unsure over which is right for him or her. Standard, 4K, Pro...the choices seem endless. Which is right for you?

Give the Phantom 3 Advanced a serious look. It's identical to the Phantom 3 Professional, except that it uses a 2.7K camera instead of a 4K one. And 2.7K is nothing to scoff at, as it's way ahead of 1080p resolution used on most media appliances and devices. 

So have a look at our handy little guide to why the Phantom 3 Advanced may be right for you. And be sure to check out our awesome selection of Phantom 3 kits, bundles, and accessories!



The Phantom 3 Advance is a popular quadcropter drone among beginners and prosumers alike. It measures 23 in. diagonally and weighs a little under 3 lbs. The Advance can achieve 23 min. of flight time, a 35 MPH top speed, and a max altitude of 20,000 ft. The Advanced comes with a DJI remote and a non-detachable camera mounded underneath the body.



The Phantom 3 Advanced uses a "Visual Positioning System," or VPS for short. VPS allows the Phantom to autonomously navigate the terrain around it. Basically, the Phantom knows where it is, where it came from, and where to go. VPS also lets the Phantom adjust its landing for uneven surfaces or obstacles.  



The Phantom 3 Advance has a fixed camera that records video at 1520p resolution, or 2.7K. That's well ahead of the 1080p resolution that most videos--television and online--max out at. 2.7K video also takes up much less storage space than 4K video. And unlike 4K, a viewer doesn't need an enormous screen to see the real difference in quality.

Phantom 3 Advanced rear 



The Phantom 3 Advanced includes DJI’s integrated Lightbridge system. Lightbridge can deliver live high-definition video remotely with minimal delay. Even more impressive: It can do so from more than a mile away. Lightbridge used to retail for $1,400, but is now packed with the Phantom 3 Advanced.



The Phantom 3 Advanced has a critical selling point: value. DJI advertises the Phantom 3 Advanced for $999, but Drone-World is offering the Advanced for $200 off. For a limited time, you can buy a Phantom 3 Advanced for the same price as a lower-grade Phantom 3 4K.

So there you have it. The Phantom 3 Advanced might seem like a red-headed middle-child at first, but a closer look shows just how great a package it is. Remember to check out our excellent deals on Phantom 3 Advanced drones, kits, and bundles at our shop page,

Phantom 3 Adv