DJI Phantom 4 Bundle Kits

DJI Phantom 4  

The DJI Phantom 4 is finally here and setting a new standard for consumer drones everywhere.  Read more...The Phantom 4 features 4K video, hi-def live streaming, and cutting-edge “sense”obstacle-avoidance and target-tracking technology. But Drone World makes the Phantom experience even better with an unbeatable selection of exclusive bundles and accessories, including custom foam-matted cases, FPV goggles, and range-extenders.



The Phantom 4 drone is the most advanced camera quadcopter yet. This latest Phantom offers superior speed, range, flight time, and a smooth 4k ultra HD video camera and 3-axis gimbal. The Phantom 4 includes an obstacle avoidance system, sport mode, tap-to-fly mode, and active track system. It can also hover up for nearly half an hour and up to 45 MPH. Luckily, Drone World has you covered. Drone World is the premier destination for Phantom 4 bundles and accessories. Drone World is also the premier DJI dealer, providing a wide range of services, including sales, maintenance, repairs, and customer support. Our products and services are competitive in every way, especially in price. We provide Phantom 4 parts, mods, and upgrades, as well as other DJI products, including the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1. Among the items we offer for the Phantom 4: skins and wraps, replacementblades and props, prop guards, Range Extender System, batteries, and  chargers, Phantom 4 cases and backpacks, and FPV goggles. Drone World also provides accident insurance for 6 mo. and 1 year policies. Our repair services usually range to 2-4 weeks--a fraction of the time it would take for the manufacturer to receive and return it. You can learn everything about the Phantom 4 by visiting our information page. There you'll find FAQs, specs, firmware, and comparisons, including the Phantom 4 vs Phantom 3.