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Yuneec HD Racer Frequently Asked Questions

Yuneec HD Racer

Does the Yuneec HD Racer come with a controller?
Yes, this small quadcopter racer is equipped with a ST6 controller and smartphone mount. 

How do I control the aircraft?
Control your Yuneec HD Racer with the ST6 controller and a Smartphone with the corresponding app.

What is Flip Up Mode? How do I activate it?
Flip Up mode is a function designed to flip the drone into an upright orientation with the push of a button. If the aircraft lands upside down on the ground for any reason, it can be put right side up with the simple push of a button on the controller.

What flight modes does the Yuneec HD Racer offer?
There are 2 flight modes to experience: Altitude and Angle. In Altitude mode, the drone will reliably maintain its altitude, so that the pilot only needs to concentrate on controlling the flight direction. Full control of the drone is obtained in Angle mode, which allows for more advanced maneuvers. 

Is the Yuneec HD Racer compatible with FPV goggles? Can I view the live image on my mobile phone?
Yes. This drone is designed for use with FPV goggles, and the live image can also be viewed on your smartphone's display.  

Is the aircraft built with any sort of stabilization?
Yes. The Yuneec HD Racer is crafted with built-in flight stabilization to ensure a safe flying experience.