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OOri Drone FAQ


1. How do you Charge OOri and the Transmitter?

The OORI Batteries and the OORI transmitter are charged via an included USB charger and USB Cable. These can be connected to a USB Powerbank charger, Laptop or USB Wall plug. 


2. What is the max speed of OOri?

Out of the box, OOri is capable of speeds of up to 50mph. With some modification, it can reach up to 60mph. OOri is powered by a 1s 600mAH LiPo. Continued high speed flight will reduce the 6-minute flight time significantly.  


3. Can OOri be used outdoors?

Yes - OORI has been designed to work both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to it's brushless motors, it can handle light winds unlike other small drones of it's size. When using OORI indoors, we recommend you use the included prop guards to protect your property. These are not required for outdoor use and should be removed to improve flight performance.  


4. How many batteries do you get with OOri?

OOri is currently avaliable to pre-order in 2 variants.

$389 Bundle

The $289 Pre-order offer for OOri comes with 1 battery and a USB Charger.

$489 Bundle

This $389 Pre-order offer for OOri comes with 4 batteries and the 4-battery charging dock.

Additional Batteries

When placing your order, you can add additional batteries to your shopping cart. 


5. Can you use FPV Goggles with OOri?

Yes you can!

Although OOri comes with an FPV Screen on the transmitter, you can use a pair of FPV goggles in addition to this as OOri uses 5.8GHz for its video transmission.

Any goggles that support 5.8GHz will work immediately with OOri.


6. What is the flight time of OOri?

At this time, the flight time is around 5-6 minutes. We're hoping to get this closer to 8 minutes by the time OORI Starts shipping in Q2 2018.