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DJI Spark Spartan Kit Announced by Drone World

First of its Kind Kit Includes Carbon Fiber Propellers, THOR Charger, Lens Filters, Optional Range Extender & more for the Ultimate Mini Drone

DJI Spark Spartan Kit

December 14, 2017

After many months of research and development, the drone upgrade kit experts at Drone World have created the ultimate DJI Spark kit: the Spark Spartan edition. Included in the kit are numerous great accessories, like the 2-in-1 DJI Spark propeller guard and landing gear, which safeguards the drone from accidental damage. Other highlights include the Spark THOR charger, the Spark carbon fiber propellers, Spark lens filters and much more.


“Perhaps the most exciting accessory in the Spark Spartan kit is the THOR charger, a powerful 5-in-1 charger that is 4x faster than stock chargers on the market today,”expressed Stephen McKenna, founder and President of  Drone World. He continued, saying “We are very proud of the new Spark Spartan kit and all of its proprietary accessories such as a custom designed case, professional quality lens filters, agile carbon fiber propellers and more.”

Drone World customers can also enjoy the DJI Spark upgrade kit which includes the Spark Fly More combo, plus finger guards, lens filter, red propellers, sunshade, gimbal cover, memory card, and backpack. The Spark Spartan edition builds on that by adding an optional hard case, powered supercharger, carbon fiber propellers, larger memory card, improved propeller guards with landing gear, and a device sunshade for the remote. As a bonus, a modified range extender antenna upgrade Spark kits is also available from Drone World.  

In addition to the items mentioned above, the upgrade kit for the Spark contains various color wraps, carbon fiber propellers, and a roomy backpack that makes transport a cinch.

The Spark itself is eye-catching in more ways than one. Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature is the Gesture Control technology, a brand new element introduced to the DJI drone family. Drone pilots can utilize gestures to initiate a palm takeoff, begin ActiveTrack, snap a selfie, and even return to the pilot for a palm landing. Chris Brunasso, Vice President of Drone World, spoke about this exciting new way to fly, “It really is remarkable how responsive the Spark is to the gestures, and it’s clear that these simple movements are only just the beginning of what is sure to be a burgeoning function of drones in the months and years to come.”

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