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PowerRay Wizard Drone Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Unlock the PowerRay

You need to place the PowerRay into the water before unlocking it.

To unlock using the app, click the Lock icon in the top right corner. Slide the bar right to unlock.


2. How does the bait drop work?

Once you have located fish, the PowerRay's precision bait drop can be utilized to lure them closer.

Tie the bait drop to the fishing line of your rod, placing the hook at the end. Attach the bait drop to the PowerRay and swim to the selected location where you wish to fish.

Press the bait drop button (in the center of the remote controller, under the speed switch) to release the bait. The sinker will drop, taking the hook with it. Then, simply wait for the fish to be drawn in.


3. How do I open the PowerRay case?

The code to open the PowerRay suitcase is "000". Please see video below for a demonstration.


4. How do I register and activate the PowerRay?

Before you can begin exploring with your new PowerRay, it's necessary to register with the Vision+ app and activate the vehicle. The steps below will guide you through registration and activation, so you can start diving as soon as possible. First, follow the below steps to register:

-Download the Vision+ app.
-Make sure that you are connected to a WiFi network.
-Launch the Vision+ app and select the button at the lower right corner of the screen labeled "REGISTER".
-Provide an email address and press "GET CODE".
-A verification code will be sent to the email address you provided. If you do not receive this email, try checking your spam folder. It may take some time to receive this email.
-Once you have received the code, you can log into the Vision+ app. You can change your password and make other adjustments to your account in Settings.

Congratulations, you are officially registered! Next, let's activate your PowerRay:

-Close the Vision+ app and launch it again. You should receive a notification reading "Activate Immediately."
-Press "Activate" and, when prompted, press "Confirm."
-Without closing the app, switch to your WiFi settings. Connect to your home WiFi network.
-Return to the Vision+ app. When prompted, press "Confirm." The PowerRay will then be activated automatically.
-Return to your WiFi settings and connect to the network "PRA_station_xxxxxx."
-When your mobile device has successfully connected to the PowerRay base station's WiFi network, you will receive a notification reading, "Device is Connected."
-Press "Start Diving" and enjoy the underwater exploration!


5. What should I do to maintain the PowerRay?

Even though the PowerRay is designed to swim underwater, it is not good if water gets inside the device. The connectors are very fragile, and even a small amount of water can cause serious damage. Here are some essential tips to keep your PowerRay operating at its best:

-When you screw in the cord attaching the PowerRay to the base station, always ensure that it is screwed in very tightly.
-Always dive in open water, avoiding underwater plants, such as seaweed.
-Keep the base station and the remote controller away from water.
-Never throw the PowerRay into the water; instead, gently immerse it, starting downward from the LED lights.
-After each immersion, dry the PowerRay off thoroughly. To avoid damage, do not store the device in the suitcase after swimming without drying it off first.
-When you unscrew the cable from the PowerRay after a dive, cover it with the protective case so that water does not get into the connectors.
-Never touch the motors while they are spinning.


6. Why I failed on the self-test of the PowerRay?

It is because that the part of the firmware didn't send information the App.
It will be fixed in the App 1.6.4


7. Why my remote control can't connect to the base station?

Connect the PowerRay with Base station, and then turn them on

Use mobile device connect to base station wifi

Open the Vision+ App

Click the settings button

Joystick mode

Remote control pairing

Click the “remote control pairing”

Input the last 6 digits of the remote control SSID

SSID is on the sticker

Reboot the base station after the pairing

Wifi can search the new base station SSID


8. What is the minimum focal distance of the camera?



9. What is the maximum resolution of the bottom-finder?

distance resolution is 0.1m


10. Can the bottom-finder data be exported?

No, it cannot be exported currently


11. Is the resolution of the depth finder affected by its distance from the seafloor?

Yes. depth is the distance from the seafloor the PowerSeeker (bottom fish-finder).


12. Do you intend to add the export functionality to the depth finder?

Yes. We are currently developing it 

13. Does the system have a depth sensor? (e.g. a pressure gauge or some such thing)?

PowerRay has depth sensor (hydrostatic pressure sensor)


14. Does the system have an onboard GPS?

PowerRay doesn't have GPS 


15. ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, EV

The ISO can be changed, but that Shutter Speed will adapt automatically, and the Aperture is fixed.

This means, that if you want to change the overall exposure, you will have to manipulate the EV-value.


16. Why the app tell me to put the Ray into water to unlock when it is already in the water?

Because the cable got loose or something happened, the PowerRay started itself in the water, which initiate the water pressure sensor value to the value when it's in the water. Then the PowerRay don't know it is already in the water.

The solution of solving it is:

1. push down the PowerRay into deeper water and unlock it the PowerRay when it's not on the surface of the water.

2. Restart the PowerRay in the air.