Phantom 3 4k vs Phantom 3 Pro/Advanced

Phantom 3 4K vs Phantom 3 Professional 

It was just last month that DJI announced the release of its newest variant of Phantom 3: The Phantom 3 4K. This addition is the fourth model of Phantom 3 in the market, begging the question: How does it stack up to DJI’s other Phantoms?



The Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional come equipped with DJI’s Lightbridge. Lightbridge delivers HD video to the remote from as far as a mile away. Even if something happens to the aircraft--like, say, an eagle attack--a pilot can still have his footage already recorded remotely.

Lightbridge is not available on the 4K. The Phantom 3 4K uses a basic WiFi SD transmission.

Phantom 3 4K vs Phantom 3 Advanced 


The GLObal NAvigation Satellite System (GLONASS) uses 36 satellites to pinpoint location anywhere on the globe. It works in conjunction with the US Global Positioning System (GPS) to let pilots to track their aircraft, record a takeoff point, and set up a return point with pinpoint accuracy. GLONASS is found on the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional.

GLONASS is not available on the 4K.

 Phantom 3 4K vs Phantom 3 Advanced


The Phantom 3 Advance’s camera can record video up to 1520p (2.7K) resolution at 30fps. The Professional’s camera records video up to 2160p (4K), or Ultra High-Definition, resolution at 30fps. The 4K uses an upgraded version of the Standard’s camera, allowing it to film at 4K resolution. 



The Phantom 3 Professional retails for $999. The Phantom 3 4K retails for less than either at $799...BUT Drone-World currently lists the Phantom 3 Advanced for $799. (Better buy it now: It’s for a limited time only!)


For Amateur Prosumer Professional
Price $799 $799 $999
Resolution 4K 2.7K 4K
HD Video Streaming X
Signal & Range WiFi Only


(4x Greater)


(4x Greater)

Outdoor Geo Positioning GPS Only GPS + GLONASS GPS + GLONASS
Indoor Geo Positioning X
Drone World Recommended NO


Which is Right for You?

Given that most media sites seldom go beyond 1080p resolutions, 2.7K video is more than enough video quality for most consumers. 4K is best for high-end media professionals, especially when one considers 4K’s storage demands. The Phantom 3 4K is fine for an amateur pilot who wants to see his or her work on the latest big screen. The Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional are ideally for prosumers, with the latter suited for pilot-videographers who absolutely need 4K video.

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