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How to Charge your FatShark 101 Battery

To charge the quadcopter, plug the charger into a powered USB port and connect the battery to the white connector. A red LED indicates the charger has power. During charging, the green LED flashes; once charging is complete, it stays illuminated. 

To charge the Recon headset, plug the included micro USB cable into the port on the side of the goggles. The LED is green when charging and changes to red when charging is complete. Check the on-screen display in the goggles to verify the charge level. 

LiPo Battery Warnings:

1. Only charge the batteries with the included battery charger. 

2. Lithium batteries can be a safety and fire hazard and must be handled properly.

3. Only use chargers intended for LiPo batteries. 

4. Never attempt to charge a damaged LiPo battery.

5. Never attempt to charge a hot LiPo battery.

6. Never cut, puncture, bend or otherwise damage a LiPo battery.

7. Never expose the battery to fire or other sources of heat.

8. Never leave charging batteries unattended.

9. Do not expose the batteries to water.

10. Do not discharge the battery cells below 3.0 volts. 

11. Do not modify the batteries.

12. Do not dispose of batteries in the garbage; proper disposal is required. 

FatShark 101 FPV Racing Drone