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FatShark 101 FPV Racing Drone FAQ

FatShark 101 FPV Racing Drone

1. Why won't my FatShark Quad Arm?

The quadcopter and the goggles need to be on the same channel in order for a feed to be seen.

First, ensure that the lens cap is off on the quad. Then, power up both the quad and the goggles. Scroll through channels on the goggles until a clear signal pops up. 

If necessary, it's possible to change video feed bands on the quadcopter by holding down the channel button on the body of the shark. Change channels on the quad by tapping the button. The quad only works on Race and Fat Shark Bands.

2. How do I bind the Shark Quad and Radio together?

In some rare cases, the quadcopter shipped from the factory may not be linked to the radio that comes in the same box. To fix this, it's necessary to "bind" the two components together so they can properly communicate. 

First, you need to bind the radio and the quadcopter together. Additionally, you may need to configure the switches to ensure they're properly mapped to the flight controls. 

3. What does the Mode Switch Control?

The mode switch on the top left corner of the Shark Radio sets the flight mode among Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro. 

Beginner: With the radio in your hands, move the flight mode switch in the top left corner to the top position (away from you) for Beginner mode. In this mode, the quadcopter will automatically level and flight controls will be eased. When the pitch and roll sticks are centered, the aircraft will maintain a level attitude. Moving the pitch and roll stick will cause the quadcopter to tilt in the desired direction. This mode is also called Angle mode because the control stick position dictates a bank angle. 

Intermediate: Move the flight mode switch to the middle position for Intermediate mode. When flying in this mode, the aircraft does what the pilot commands with no automatic stabilization, however the maximum speed and rates will be reduced. This is also called Rate command or Acro mode. 

Pro: Move the flight mode switch to the lower position for Pro mode -- or Acro mode without limits. In general, the quadcopter in this mode will hold an attitude when the stick is released; when the stick is moved again the aircraft will continue to flip or roll as long as the stick is held. 

FatShark 101 FPV Racing Drone