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FatShark 101 FPV Downloads and Manuals

Learn more about the FatShark 101 FPV drone system with the manual: here.

Operation of the Wireless Video System

*Important: Each Shark Quad transmits a video signal when plugged in. If there are potentially conflicting channels, wait until all pilots are done flying before changing channels. 

Changing the Video Frequency

1. Install a fully charged battery and connect it to the quadcopter. 

2. The 101 Quadcopter only operates on FatShark and Race Band. Press the channel button on the front       of the aircraft for 3 seconds to change the band. Two flashes indicates that the quad is on race band.           Three indicates that the quad is on the FatShark band.

3. Tap the button to change channels within that band. 

Turning the Quadcopter On and Off

There is no power switch on the Shark Quad, it will turn on when the battery is connected. 

1. Turn on the RC controller first, ensure the motor start switch is in the off position and move the throttle to     the low position. Install a fully charged battery on the quadcopter, and connect it.

2. Unplug the battery after use to turn the aircraft off. 

*Pro Tip: In the event of a crash, stop (disarm) the motors with the switch on the radio to minimize the chance of additional damage to the quadcopter or curious fingers. Always stop the motors before picking up the quadcopter and keep them off when holding the aircraft. 

Important: Failure to unplug the battery after a flight or extending flights to the last second may drive the battery too low to recharge and reduce its overall lifespan. LiPo batteries that have been drawn too low during use are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. 

Low Battery Warning

The FatShark 101 System has a special warning to indicate if the power on the quadcopter is low: when the battery on the aircraft is low, the image on the goggles will turn black and white. 

LEDs at the front of the quadcopter will also blink when the battery is low. 


RC Flight Controls


1. Fly in an area free of obstructions and wind

2. Power on the headset and find an open band; you should see a snowy signal free of other video

3. Power up the quad and set the video channel to match the headset

4. Find a comfortable position in which to fly

5. With the goggles on, arm the motors with the top right switch on the radio

6. Explore pitch, roll, and yaw controls at low throttle settings before flying aggressively

7. Always disarm the quad and unplug the battery when the flight is complete

Pro Tip: After spending some time on the simulator, take the first few flights with the 101 kit outdoors in an open environment above nicely trimmed grass. This setting provides a nice, soft landing spot for early flights. 

Pro Tip: Practice flipping the disarm/arm switch with the goggles off to allow you to easily locate it when you have the goggles on.

Pro Tip: When flying with other pilots, wait until everyone has landed before powering up a quad. This avoids accidentally interfering with another system's feed. Always announce when a quadcopter is powering up and be ready to unplug it if interference shows up. 

Expected Limits

The FatShark 101 system is capable of flying inside or outside at ranges up to approximately 100 feet (30 meters) away from the operator. The range is heavily dependent on direct line of sight operation and the environment. An open environment is the ideal setting. 

Indoor in metal or reinforced concrete buildings can be challenging environments. The video system will begin to lose signal before the control signal is lost, so the quality of the video reception naturally limits its range. 

Warning: Do not climb beyond reasonable low altitudes, or try to push the range to see how far the quadcopter will fly. Pushing the limits before learning the basics can quickly lead to the aircraft getting lost or stuck in a tree. The kit is intended for close-range, low-level racing and was not designed to climb high or travel great distances from the user. 

FatShark 101 FPV Racing Drone