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DJI Zenmuse XT2 FAQ

The DJI Zenmuse XT2 is a dual sensor thermal imaging camera built for commercial applications. Housed within a weather resistant encasing is a combination of FLIR's advanced radiometric thermal sensor and 4K visual sensor -- all seamlessly integrated with DJI's powerful enterprise drone systems. Learn more about this incredible device with the most commonly asked questions and their answers below:


What drones can the Zenmuse XT2 be mounted on to?

The XT2 can be mounted onto any M200 Series drone as well as the Matrice 600 Pro. Please note that the XT2 will lack certain intelligent features like Heat Track and Quick Track when flown on a Matrice 600 Pro drone.

Can the lenses of the Zenmuse XT2 cameras be replaced?

The lenses of the XT2 thermal and visual cameras cannot be replaced, and therefore we recommend conferring with one of our resident experts here at Drone World to determine which lense best suits your needs before purchasing.

What options do I have when purchasing a Zenmuse XT2 camera?

Currently, DJI offers 12 different models of XT2 camera that vary with different lens sizes, resolutions and thermal frame rates. Please refer to the below chart for the complete list of models:

DJI Zenmuse XT2 camera models

How does the Zenmuse XT2 store data? Which file formats?

Due to the XT2's dual sensor design, DJI built in two SD card slots. One stores typical photo and video formats while the other is reserved for thermal video data, which stores the full radiometric date from the FLIR's thermal sensor, enabling a variety of post-processing workflows. 

Photos Videos


You can adjust the type of file stored for each category through the camera settings section of the DJI Pilot app.


How long will the flight time of the M200 Series and M600 Pro drone be when flying the Zenmuse XT2?

The flight time will adjust based on a wide range of environmental factors. To help you estimate your flight times, we have provided reference figures of max flight times when flying in optimal conditions:


M200 Series drones with TB50 batteries flying the Zenmuse-XT2

M200 21 minutes
M210 18 minutes
M210 RTK 16 minutes


M200 Series drones with TB55 batteries flying the Zenmuse-XT2

M200 30 minutes
M210 28 minutes
M210 RTK 25 minutes


M600 Pro Drone with TB47 batteries flying the Zenmuse-XT2

M600 Pro 31 minutes


Zenmuse XT2