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DJI Cendence Frequently Asked Questions

DJI Cendence


The DJI Cendence is a professional-grade customizable remote controller designed for full integration with other advanced DJI products like the Inspire 2 and CrystalSky monitor. 


1. What are the main differences among the Cendence, Inspire 2, and Matrice 200 remote controllers?

Unlike the Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 controllers, Cendence has a built-in ultra bright LCD display monitor. A variety of functions in the app can be activated by customizable buttoms on the controller. Operation time is longer, and batteries and antennas are interchangeable. Cendence is better equipped to excel in complex environments and is compatible with DJI's CrystalSky monitor. 


2. Why does Cendence have SDI ports?

A standard broadcasting signal can be exported via SDI ports, which enables Cendence to be used in live broadcasting scenarios.


3. What are the CAN ports on Cendence used for?

CAN ports allow Cendence to connect to DJI Focus, Tracktenna, or external GPS modules.


4. Does Cendence support dual operator control?

Yes. You can set one master and one slave controller. 


5. Is the LCD Display on Cendence touch screen?



6. How do I reset the functions of the custom buttons?

You can reset the functions of the custom buttons via the app you are using. 


7. Can Cendence switch between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands?



8. Can I refit Cendence myself?

Currently, no. DJI plans to make SDR and Wi-FI expansions available soon, however. 


9. Can Cendence use CrystalSky batteries?



10. What do I do if the video transmission signal is weak when using Cendence?

Check if there is any interference in the surrounding area and adjust antenna direction accordingly.


11. What should I do when Cendence with a 7.85" Crystal Sky monitor becomes too heavy to hold?

We recommend using the Cendence Support Rig to help with heavier payloads. 


12. What is Cendence's video transmission range?

7km when FCC compliant.


13. Can I set joystick responsiveness?



14. What are the functions of the LCD display?

The LCD screen diplays camera parameters, flight status, remote controller, battery information and more. 


15. Do I need to remove the batteries when charging Cendence?