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Blade Inductrix Pro vs Blade Inductrix 

Blade Inductrix Pro vs Blade Inductrix FPV

When the Blade Inductrix FPV first burst on to the drone scene in April 2016, it represented the first good FPV quad for beginners who were not interested in building their own aircraft or soldering on a camera. Although this small and mighty drone had its perks, it had plenty of room for improvement. One year later, Horizon Hobby (the creators of the Blade Inductrix) answered the call, unveiling the Blade Inductrix Pro, a new and improved drone with greater durability, responsivity, and a solid follow up to their original model. Join us as we explore the differences and similarities between these two impressive mini drones:


Improved Durability

Blade Inductrix Pro

One of the most instantly noticeable differences is in the frame, with significant durability improvement. Struts between the motor pods and a new material make this a more long-lasting aircraft. The new material maintains a unique flexibility while retaining its rigidity in flight. Ribbing in the motor struts likewise adds durability, and the frame is heavier, even though the overall profile is considerably lighter. 


Greater Power

Blade Inductrix Pro

The Blade Inductrix Pro utilizes a brand new 19,000 kV motor, compared to the 12,000 kV motor of the original. This means more mid-range, more top end, and greater power for freestyle flying like pulling out of a dive or a roll, which was previously impossible with the reduced motor. 


Better Camera

Onboard the Inductrix Pro is the FX805, a lighter camera with a different profile that allows it to stand up. Additionally, the canopy onboard is light, small, and easily removable for a nice racer-esque feel to it. Adjustable channels on the side of the camera allow you to pick any channel you desire. A lighter camera is great news,