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Blade Inductrix FAQ

The Blade Inductrix FPV drone is incredibly small, fun to fly, and requires no assembly at all! This is the ultimate beginner drone that flies best indoors and can be charged via USB. 

Blade Inductrix FPV drone


1. What’s the expected flight time I will get out of my Blade Inductrix FPV drone?

The 200 mAh battery provides up to 4 minutes of flight time. Note that flying at a faster rate of speed will deplete the battery faster. 

2. Does the Blade Inductrix FPV come ready to fly or do I need to assemble it?

The Inductrix FPV is true to the definition of a beginner FPV drone, meaning that it comes fully assembled with absolutely no building required! 

3. How is the Blade Inductrix FPV different from the Blade Inductrix Pro?

The Blade Inductrix FPV aircraft is the original creation, while the Pro model is the follow-up, boasting improved durability, greater power, and a better camera than its predecessor.

A new material in the body design maintains a unique flexibility while retaining its rigidity in flight. The Pro model utilizes a 19,000 kV motor, which generates more mid-range, more top end, and greater power for freestyle flying. This is a marked improvement over the 12,000 kV motor of the Inductrix FPV.  Last but not least, the camera has been improved, the FX805 camera is lighter and the canopy is light, small, and easily removable.

4. How is the Blade Inductrix FPV battery charged?

This aircraft charges via USB cable and charger.

5. What flight modes are available with this drone?

The two flight modes onboard the Blade Inductrix FPV are Stability and Agility. In Stability mode, the bank angle is limited (when the joysticks are released, the quadcopter will return to level flight). In Agility mode the quadcopter has no bank angle limits and will not return to level flight if the joysticks are released.

*Note: Do not attempt to change flight modes while flying. Always land the quadcopter and release the joysticks before changing flight modes. 

6. How do I distinguish the front and back of the drone?

The LEDs on the Inductrix indicate the front and back of the quadcopter: the white LEDs indicate the front of the aircraft while the red LEDs indicate the back.  



1. How do I make the Blade Inductrix hover comfortably?

The Inductrix quadcopter requires minor throttle adjustments to maintain its altitude in hover. To ensure a steady hover, keep these throttle adjustments as minimal as possible. Large adjustments can result in loss of control or a possible crash.  

2. Is the Inductrix easy to fly? Even first-time FPV pilots?

Absolutely. The Revolutionary SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology of the Blade incorporates an innovative combination of multi-axis sensors and software that allows model aircraft to know its position relative to the horizon. This spatial awareness is utilized to create a controlled flight envelope the aircraft uses to maintain a safe region of bank and pitch angles so you can fly more safely. 

Ultimately this technology allows anyone to pick up the transmitter, put on the goggles and be successful flying FPV for the very first time. Its newly improved Stability mode allows for fast forward flight with the added weight of the FPV system. Stability mode prevents over-controlling the aircraft and provides pilots with the necessary confidence to maneuever through tight spaces. Conversely, the Agility mode allows for aggressive forward flight and even some mild aerobatics!

3. How durable is this mini drone?

Each cylindrical rotor housing that ducts air throught the high-speed rotors provides an inherently durable structure. You can bump the Inductrix drone into practically anything with little risk! In comparison to traditional propellers, these ducted fans are extremely quiet and allow this aircraft to be easily and safely caught by hand.



1. What general advice do you have for maintaining the Blade Inductrix drone at optimum operation levels?

It is important to allow the quadcopter motors to cool between flights. This will prevent excessive wear to the motors and ensure better long-term durability. 

2. What is Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) and how does it work?

Once the battery on your Inductrix reached 3V under load, the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller- what translates a pilot's controls into precise instructions sent to the motors to control movement) will continuously lower power supplied to the motor until complete shutdown occurs. This helps to prevent over-discharge of the Li-Po battery. Once LVC is activated, land immediately; continuing to fly after LVC can damage the battery, cause or crash, or both. Repeatedly flying the aircraft until LVC activates will damage the flight battery. 

*Note: Disconnect and remove the Li-Po battery from the aircraft after use to prevent trickle discharge. During storaage, make sure the battery charge does not fall below 3V per cell.  



1. What type of video transmitter is on the Blade Inductrix FPV ?

This aircraft is equipped with a 25 mW video transmitter capable of transmitting on Fat Shark channels 1-8 and all Raceband channels (allowing for several pilots flying simultaneously).  The antenna is a dipole, crafted with durability in mind. 

2. What is the video range of the Inductrix FPV?

Pilots can expect nearly 100 yards line of sight video range, a distance that is more than adequate for indoor flights in large buildings or homes.   

3. How do you change FPV channels?

Select channels from the easy-to-use button atop the body of the aircraft. The onboard camera is very lightweight and perfectly protected within the body housing.