Drone World's Range Extender Antenna System: How to Maximize the Phantom 3's Range

Updated Feb. 2016

2014's most popular drone, the DJI Phantom 2, had a range of almost 1,000 ft. One year later, DJI pushed the boundaries of drone technology with the Phantom 3 and its 1.2-mile range. People marveled at how far quadcopters had come and the new standard of drone range was set.

Less than a year later, Drone World flew past the industry standard... and then some.


Long Range Flight

Working with experts across several continents, Drone World's engineers always had one number in mind: 5--as in 5 miles of flight and HD video streaming for the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional. After months of work and countless test flights, Drone World rolled out the world's farthest flying Phantom 3. And you can buy it now as part of the Drone World Phantom 3 Professional Executive Kit.

Here's how Drone World created the world's first 5-mile Long Range Phantom 3 System.

The Ultimate "Flying" Machine

Everyone knows BMW as the "Ultimate Driving Machine." Taking a page out of the German car manufacturer's book, Drone World went to Europe for its ultimate flying machine. Programmers then attached Drone World's Range Extender Panel Antenna, developed in partnership with the European Union Association of Technology and leading US suppliers, onto a run-of-the-mill Phantom 3 Pro. The range extender uses commerical-grade, gold-plated wiring, combined with a sleek design featuring white-on-white simplicity and style. Users simply connect the 180° Range Extender Panel Antenna to the Phantom 3 remote controller for unrivaled connection between craft and pilot. 

Aerospace Engineered

Drone World enlisted aerospace engineers and experts to develop to Range Extender. The system doesn't need a HAM radio license, but can still transmit up to 5 miles of range while limiting wind, heat, and frequency interference. 

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More Power, More Range

Drone World's Range Extender Antenna System doesn't just look different, it performs differently. The panel delivers 180° and up to 17x (yes, seventeen times) better coverage. The panel can also penetrate through small barriers and overcome pesky WiFi interference. That means more range and less hassle for you and your Phantom 3. 

17x More Coverage

Don't delay! Buy your Phantom 3 Professional Executive Kit with the Range Extender Panel Antenna at Drone World for just $2,349!


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